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About Puregion

Puregion is a pioneer private organization based in Visakhapatnam which operates in the Media & Entertainment industry. The goal of the company is to build a strong and reliable network where the global demand and supply go smoothly. Our developments and operations:


Chairman Message

At Puregion, we believe that being committed to work brings the best results, also it inspires our employees, motivates customers, and helps us to extend our services in different communities.

In this globalization era, information and communication are playing a key role in influencing an audience group, it is changing the course of the markets rapidly. Puregion’s higher purpose is to contribute its part in strengthening good business practices across the globe.

Continuous research and Journalism are the two main areas we are working on.

Vinod K umar Singuru

(Chairman & Managing Director)

Puregion Fun and Mass Communications Private Limited